Cashelnagor Railway Station


Cashelnagor Railway Station is a beautifully restored Station House and Waiting Room on the now dismantled “Letterkenny & Burtonport Railway Line”.  Built in 1902, the building was home to a long line of stationmasters and their families until the railway closed in 1947. The last family left the railway station in 1954 and the house slowly fell into disrepair. We purchased the dilapidated building in 2017 and undertook a complete restoration.

Step back in time! Take a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life and enjoy a stay in the beautifully restored ‘Station House’ or ‘Waiting Room’. Both units have been completely renovated and furnished with traditional furniture and finishes.  It’s like stepping back in time!

The Station House

The Station House is where the Station Master and his family once lived. This is now a beautifully restored home containing 2 bedrooms and two reception rooms which can comfortably sleep 8 guests. It contains

The Station House now contains:

  • a dining room with traditional Stanley No 7 Stove
  • a gallery kitchen with traditional decor
  • a large living room with sofa bed and peat burning stove
  • a downstairs en-suite double bedroom
  • an upstairs bedroom with double bed and bunk bed has with phenomenal views of Errigal
  • and a bathroom with a traditional roll topped bath

The house contains all the amenities of a modern home while retaining the character of a traditional Irish home

The Waiting Room

The adjoining Waiting Room has been converted into a one bedroom apartment which can accommodate 4 guests.

This is where thousand of local people took shelter while they waited for the train to take them to their new lives in Scotland, America and Australia.

The apartment contains all the amenities of a modern home while retaining the character of a traditional Irish Building. Amenities include an en-suite bathroom, peat burning stove, a washing-machine/dryer, oven/grill and a microwave & toaster. Everything you need to feed a group of weary explorers.

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